Drunk, angry German wasps are ‘terrorizing’ barbecues in the U.K.

What in THE hell?


In the fading weeks of summer, we’re all doing our best to make the most of the last lazy days of weekend barbecues, days at the beach, that kind of thing, before the dreaded winter comes back and ruins all our fun. But the late summer barbecue is under attack in Britain, local newspapers are reporting, with German wasps “drunk” on rotten fruit aimlessly hanging around and looking to score scraps.

The International Business Times (UK) writes:

Aggressive, bored and ‘drunk’ German wasps (Vespula germanica) are terrorising the UK as a result of a mild winter and dry spring, pest controllers have warned. The worker wasps have finished their chores, and as a result, are free to go out and occupy themselves with the hunt for food and drink–leading to an invasion in German wasps that have a particularly painful sting.

The reports in British newspapers seem to be based on warnings from a…

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