I’ve Never Been So Proud To Not Be a Facebook User…

More from Jamie Zawinski:

“In my last update, I busted on Facebook for their relentless — yet halfassed and inconsistent — morality policing. They had blocked a bunch of ads that Hubba Hubba Revue had purchased, claiming that the ads didn’t follow the rules, when in fact they did. Eventually they relented — who knows why. But some of the most telling responses I got were from several people who said, “I sent this to my friend who works at Facebook, and they said that that definitely should not have happened, and they probably could have fixed it, but they weren’t going to because they didn’t like your tone.”

So let’s get this straight: Facebook has a widely known, years-long reputation for capricious, fickle enforcement of their policies; a corresponding reputation for giving the victims of their inconsistencies no recourse; and despite this, when these fine employees of theirs hear of a problem, their response is, “Well, because that guy pointed out a bug without also blowing sunshine up my ass, I’m going to just leave our product buggy.” They seem to love their company so much that they’re willing to let their own product suffer, so that they don’t have to open their eyes to the problem. It’s the other kind of “tech bubble”.

Say you’re driving at night, and someone yells, “Hey jerk, your headlights are out!” Do you say, “That guy was mean, so I’ll show him, I’m going to keep driving in the dark!”

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What’s Happening Tonight? 4/30/15

Red Hots Burlesque Presents: In YOUR Neck of the Woods!
Neck of the Woods
406 Clement St. San Francisco
7pm Doors, 8-10pm Show
$10 GA
$20 VIP
If your zip code is 94118 we *are* in your neck of the woods and you get a very generous $5 discount on all your tickets (only available at the door). partyearth.com/redhotsthurs


Alcoholocaust Presents
Knockout / 3223 Mission Street / between Valencia & 29th Sts. / San Francisco
HEDERSLEBEN (headliner)
ST. JAMES AND THE APOSTLES (from Philadelphia)
D.J BABY LEMONADE (Jake from Mondo Drag)
Doors open at 9:00pm / Show at 9:30pm
$8.00 Admission / 21+

Comedy Phallus To The Rescue!

Oh. My. GOD!!!

“He added: “I wanted to attract attention to the pothole and make it memorable. Nothing seemed to do this better than a giant comedy phallus. It’s also speedy, I don’t want to be in the road for a long time. It seems to have become my signature. I just want to make people smile and draw attention to the problem. It seems to be working, judging from the Facebook fan page.”

And he insists his methods are highly effective – with year-old potholes filled within 48 hours of his artwork. Others are fixed in a week.”

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She’s much better at drawing cats now. About the same with Hitlers though.

Hahahaha!!! Genderside would be a good band name…

The Bloggess

I wrote this over a year ago but I never published it because it got lost in my draft folder, but I’ve been recovering from food poisoning and I’m at that woozy stage where I think everything is funny or horrible and I’m pretty sure this is both.  

Conversation with Victor (and Hailey):

Me: Did you see what your daughter made?

Victor: No, but I already resent what you’re implying.

Me: I haven’t said anything bad yet.

Victor: Well, you called her “your daughter”.  I see where this is headed and I don’t like it.  You only call her my daughter when she breaks something.

Me: Not true.  She’s my daughter when she sets something on fire, or when she runs into a wall that’s always been there.  She’s your daughter when she does things I’d never do. So guess what your daughter did?

Victor: She left the toilet…

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Not Quite The Same Thing…

Me: I was looking at cars on Craigslist and somebody was selling a Crown Royal, but I heard those get really bad gas mileage and I don’t think I need that kind of horsepower.

Sir Howard: What?

Me: You know, those old police cars?

Sir Howard: Uh…you mean a Crown Victoria?

Me: Yeah! Why, what’d I say?

Sir Howard: You said Crown Royal.

Me: AHAHAHAHAHA! I guess that’s not quite the same thing, is it?