The Importance of Romancing Yourself

“I want to impress myself” = My new mantra.

Damn, Girl. Get Your Shit Together.

I’ve never been wild about the idea of romance. When I was young, I always had a crush on the Disney villain, felt nothing for Prince William, and thought that Romeo and Juliet were so unstable that had they not killed themselves over a relationship that lasted a whopping four  days, they had little chance of overcoming inevitable “baby mama drama,” “just can’t even’s, and “who is she, huh huh”s.

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I have been with my husband since I was 19. I am in love with him. He comes home from work, we have a drink, cook a meal, make love, go for a stroll. It’s smooth sailing. On Valentines Day there are gifts, trips to New Orleans, bubble baths. “I love you’s are exchanged dozens of times a day along with a slew of adorable pet names that would turn the strongest of stomachs. My favorite is “dragon baby” or…

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Monday Night Hubba
Burlesque Nation Part Deux

Monday, June 11
And Every Monday
9pm – 11:30pm.
$7 Gen. Adm.;
$12 Reserved Seating.
Featuring performances by:

Bettie Bombshell (Melbourne, Australia)
Himeno Takashima (Tokyo, Japan)
Momo (Tokyo, Japan)
Karina Libido (New York, NY)
Una Solitaire (Portland, OR)
Asimov Atomsmasher (Portland, OR)
Cecil the Sad Clown (Los Angeles, CA)
Major Suttle-Tease (Los Angeles, CA)
Arcadia Kane

Hosted by:

MC Kingfish & Maggie Motorboat

What’s Happening Tonight? 6/8/18

Hubba Hubba Revue
Burlesque Nation

Friday, June 8
And Every 2nd Friday
9:30pm – 2am.
$15 Gen. Adm.;
$25 Balcony Seating;
$30 Main Floor Seating.
Featuring performances by:

Bettie Bombshell (Melbourne, Australia)
Harden Reddy (Munich, Germany)
Ivizia Dakini (Las Vegas, NV)
Angie Z (New Orleans, LA)
Cherry Bombshell (New Orleans, LA)
Maggie McMuffin (Seattle, WA)
Marquis Façade (Seattle, WA)
Una Solitaire (Portland, OR)
Juliette Electrique (Portland, OR)
Asimov Atomsmasher (Portland, OR)
Natasha Riot (Portland, OR)
Sugar Kane (Portland, OR)
Puppeteer Matt Scott (Los Angeles, CA)
Major Suttle-Tease (Los Angeles, CA)
Blanche Bourgeois (Los Angeles, CA)
Cecil the Sad Clown (Los Angeles, CA)
The Sizzling Sirens
The Wily Minxes
Gorilla X
…and The Hubba Hubba Revue Go-Go Dancers

Hosted by:

MC Kingfish, Alexa Von Kickinface & Jay Siren

And shakin’ the welcome wagon with tantalizing beats:

DJ Limbs Akimbo